7 Quick hacks to save you money on flights 

7 Quick hacks to save you money on flights 

Flights are getting more expensive (cheers inflation) and there are multiple websites you can book on these days. I’ve been travelling Latin America for six months now, flying about more than I’d care to admit for a backpacker. These are the hacks I use to save money on flights to spend on more important things like Piña Coladas.

1. Use multiple platforms to search for flights 

The main sites and apps I use to book flights are SkyScanner, Momondo and Skiplagged. These sites collate all flights from different companies in one place so you can find the best options. If I’m booking a long or more expensive flight, I check all three platforms. I personally love SkyScanner as I find it the easiest to navigate with awesome filter and search options. Recently, I’ve started finding cheaper flights on Skiplagged too, so that one is definitely worth a look in!

2. Use Google Chrome in incognito mode 

When you’re searching for the same flight route over and over, the magical internet gods save your cookies and data and recognises you’re on the hunt for something. The flight companies then increase the price (bastards). 

Using incognito mode on Google Chrome stops the cookies saving so this doesn’t happen. When searching the exact same flight in incognito mode compared to regular mode, I’ve saved up to $30! If you’re on an iPhone or Mac, you’ll need to download the Google Chrome app. 

Incognito mode on an iPhone

3. Search for a promo code

I love a good promo code to save money on flights! Simply search the name of the website you’re booking on and “promo code” in Google. The first few websites will have codes you can copy and paste into the payment section for discounts. The best one I’ve found so far was for 30% off and I saved $60, bloody bargain! 

4. Check different provider’s baggage fees

When using SkyScanner, you can pick different providers to book flights like Mytrip, Viva Air, eDreams etc. The first one is obviously the cheapest, but often they have expensive baggage fees ruining the cheapness, so check the baggage fees on other providers before booking. Although the flight itself might be more expensive, the baggage fees could be half the cost! I’ve grown to really love booking flights through Kiwi.com while in South America. They offer the cheapest baggage fees and you can always find some kind of promo code! 

Different providers on Skyscanner

5. Book in advance 

I am a commitment phobe, especially when it comes to travel. I generally book flights a day or two in advance, but mostly the night before if I’m being honest. This doesn’t bode well for my pocket so if you can not be like me, book well in advance.

6. Chance your baggage fees  

I usually travel with only carry on luggage, but some airlines allow you just one personal item as carry on. If I’m feeling lucky or I’m flying with a non budget airline, I don’t add the extra baggage to my ticket and chance it at the airport. About 50% of the time this works, especially when there is an online check in option or kiosk at the airport. Before running the risk, check how much it will cost you to pay for baggage at the airport compared to online though, just in case you don’t get away with it and it’s more expensive.

Me and my lil backpack taking on the world

7. Always check in online

Some budget ass airlines, like Ryanair and Viva Air Airlines will charge you to check in at the counter! An actual scamming joke. Make sure you check in online and if something goes wrong on their often crappy websites, take photos of it so you can prove to the counter staff you tried. This happened to me and I didn’t have to pay the check in fee. The people next to me didn’t have proof they tried online and they had to pay, don’t be like them.

I hope these help you save them dollars baby! If you have any tips I can add, holla at me!

Yours in budget savvy saving,

Helena x

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